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Constance Jablonski, Top French Model

Constance Jablonski

Constance Jablonski (born 17 April 1991) is a French model who has become a perennial at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which she has walked from 2010-2016.

Constance credits Elle MacPherson as her modelling role model.

Constance is from Lille in the north of France.

A serious tennis player, in 2006 Constance entered the French Elite Model Look Contest, and that led her to great things.

Lily Aldridge Constance Jablonski Adriana Lima Alessandra Ambrosio

She signed with Marilyn Model Management, one of the top shops, and her debut was during the 2008 fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris.

Since then, she has been in campaigns for all the major brands, such as Alberta Ferretti, Cesare Paciotti, D&G, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Hermes, Nine West, Max Mara, Barneys, Topshop, Tse, H&M, Bally, GAP, Moschino, United Colors of Benetton, and Estée Lauder.

Constance was one of the youngest models ever to sign a multi-million-dollar deal with Estée Lauder.

Constance's many covers include:
  • Australia: 'Russh' - May/June 2009; 'Harper's Bazaar' - September 2012
  • Brazil: 'Vogue' - November 2012
  • China: 'Vogue' - March 2010; 'Numéro' - September 2011; 'Vogue' - February 2013
  • Denmark: 'Cover' - September 2009
  • France: 'French Revue de Modes' - Autumn/Winter 2009; 'Numéro' - October 2010; 'Elle' - September 02 2011; 'Antidote' - Fall 2012
  • Germany: 'Zoo Magazine' - #24 Autumn/Winter 2009; 'Vogue' - September 2010; 'Vogue' - March 2011; 'Vogue' - February 2013
  • Greece: 'Vogue' - July 2010; 'Vogue' - October 2010; 'Vogue' - June 2011
  • Italy: 'Amica' - November 2008; 'Vogue Beauty' - January & August 2009; 'Grey Magazine' - Spring/Summer 2010
  • Japan: 'Numéro' - October 2010
  • Korea: 'Vogue' - November 2010; 'W' - March 2011; 'W Korea' - December 2012
  • Mexico: 'Vogue' - February 2012
  • New Zealand: 'Black' - Autumn 2009
  • Poland: 'VIVA! Moda' - Summer 2012
  • Portugal: 'Vogue' - May 2009
  • Russia: 'Harper's Bazaar' - November 2009; 'Vogue' - March 2011; 'Harper's Bazaar' - March 2012
  • Spain: 'Vogue' - February 2011; 'Harper's Bazaar' - April 2011; 'S Moda' - November 30 2013
  • Sweden: 'Bon' - Autumn/Winter 2010
  • Turkey: 'Vogue' - June 2012
  • UK: 'Twin' - Fall 2013
  • US: 'The Last Magazine' - Spring/Summer 2013

Constance is considered one of the top models in the world. She has global appeal. Constance  posts lots of artsy and casual photos on Instagram and Twitter, and comes across as very down-to-earth.

Not everything is rosy in the modelling world. Constance apparently is or was facing a $3.3 million lawsuit over jumping agencies to DNA Model Management.

Switching agencies is something top models do all the time. There are recruiters who entice models to the side of the street where the grass looks greener. It is a similar situation to many others in business where talented people are induced to switch employers.

Sometimes the agencies the models leave get upset. Her old firm, Marilyn Model Management, sued Constance for breach of contract, asking for over $3 million in damages. Constance's side claims that all the people she worked with left Marilyn. In any event, Jablonski is a hot modelling commodity, tripling her earnings from 2009-2012.

Like some other top models, Constance was an athlete before turning to modelling. She played tennis for nine years and became quite talented.

In response to the question "The people I admire the most":
Women who have made a difference for their own kind through the years, such as Simone Veil.



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