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Raychul Moore, Cosplay Trailblazer

Cosplay Pioneer!

Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul Moore.
Introducing Raychul Moore. Now, it is likely you have not heard of Raychul Moore. Her field, cosplay. is a fairly new genre, a completely 21st-century art form.
Raychul with fellow cosplayer Kelly Kelley.
Well, if you haven't heard of Raychul Moore or her cosplay field, maybe this will be a useful learning experience because a lot of people already know all about cosplay.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
We previously posted about Jessica Nigri, who also is a legend in the cosplay field. However, there are other top talents besides Jessica such as Raychul, and we don't want to slight anyone - well, at least we don't want to slight everyone.

So, here's another top cosplay girl, Raychul Moore. For those unfamiliar with it, cosplay means dressing up as a video game, fictional comic book, film or animation character. In other words - it is meant to be fun, lighthearted, and full of outlandish embellishments. The best embellishment of all is a pretty girl such as Raychul Moore.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul describes herself as a "video game addict." She is big on Youtube, has a Twitter account with tons of followers, Instagram... she is out there getting her name known.

Let's let Raychul explain what she does. Here is what Raychul said in a 2015 interview:
Hi! I’m Raychul! Ummm, let’s see…I’m a gamer; have been since my single-digits. I’m also a cosplayer; which I think was a pretty natural hobby for me to get into due to that first fact about me. And I’m also a YouTuber; where I blend the first two facts into videos and livestreams. Oh, and I also am an avid action figure collector and have an obsession with knee socks. I think that about sums me all up!
Raychul is not exactly a household name, but people in the cosplay world know exactly who she is.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Anyone who attends the big conventions has seen Raychul - unless they're blind, in which case they've probably heard of her.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul has branched out into television.

She played Elina/Harlequin on Sharp News in 2015, appeared in Mega64 in 2006, and was a guest on TakePart Live in 2013.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul is known for her detailed cosplays. She is at all the big conventions, such as PAX Prime, E3, PopCon and so forth.

Raychul has her own website, and of course, is on Facebook.

Raychul got her start writing about video games for GamePro. She branched out onto Youtube, and that got her noticed.

Cosplay is new, and there isn't really an industry devoted to it. THat means that Raychul has to make, or at least design, her own costumes.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Now for some basic facts about Raychul Moore for those who've made it this far and thus must be interested in her: She was born on 18 May 1993. Her birth sign is Taurus.

Raychul created a small gaming blog in college. That got her a gig with some big video game magazine companies.

That led to Raychul writing her articles for GamePro.

After that, Raychul became Editor-in-Chief for GameGirl.

Raychul hosted E-3's coverage from Turtle Beach. She also had her own show on Machinima.

Jessica lives in Los Angeles and has a boyfriend named Seth (at least at this writing).
Raychul Moore legends.filminspector.com
Raychul likes to collect action figures. She also loves horror movies.

As you can tell from the pictures, Raychul also is a big Star Wars fan, at least of Princess Leia.

She has been the host of the weekly "Week in Geek" video game news show.

Raychul Moore is a host on the Gamer Nation episode Console Kings.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul has been cosplaying since 2005 or 2006 (she's not sure herself, so how can we be?).
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul got her start when a friend decided to go to Comic-Con in San Diego (where else?) and decided to dress up as Danger Girl comics characters. Raychul had a great time.
Raychul Moore legends.filminspector.com
Raychul has to create the image she portrays herself. There are no textbooks or templates - very few girls have done this before her, so it is virgin territory.

Raychul always hits Wondercon and ComicCon, which are the two biggest spots on the schedule.
Raychul Moore cosplay legends.filminspector.com
Raychul only portrays characters that she likes. If there is a hot new game that she likes, she dresses up.

Of course, there are the classics that she loves, too.

For instance, one of her classic costumes is Snow White.

Joss Whedon of all people posted a picture of Raychul doing Thor. Now that's the big time! So, you'll likely be seeing a lot more of Raychul, maybe some day even on the big screen!
Raychul Moore legends.filminspector.com


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